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Free Online Learning due to Coronavirus

In this challenging times edtech companies around the world have come forward to support professionals by providing their free courses and certifications. Here is the list of all such certifications and courses.

Big Data: Skill Guide 2020

90 percent of world's data is produced in just last two years tapping this data is extremely important for businesses to derive actionable insights. Understand what tools and technologies are used to process this huge volume of data.

Digital Marketing: Skill Guide 2020

With penetration of internet in our digital marketing has become one of the most important marketing techniques for companies to market their products. Understand what you need to know to be successful in doing so.

Devops: Skill Guide 2020

Devops allows enterprises to create and improve products at a faster pace than traditional software development methods. Understand what needs to be a Devops Engineer

Data Science: Skill Guide 2020

Data Science allows businesses and stakeholders to make informed decisions and solve their business problems with data. Understand what constitutes Data Scientist and their Skillset.